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Sword Refurbishment

This 1885 cavalry sword came into the armoury in September 2011 for refurbishment. 

The depth of rust was at a medium level and took careful but vigorous cleaning to bring it back to the armouries accepted standard.

Cavalry sword pattern 1885 AD
Blade: 34 ½” x 1 1/8” wide
Point of Balance: 5 ½” from hilt
Clip back at point (Double edge 10”)
Sword weight: 2lbs 8oz
Scabbard weight: 1lb 8oz
War Office Requisite No 30,000 of 1885
Completed 1887 @ 4/- shillings per blade

Blade Makers Contracted:

Mole & Sons, United Kingdom – 9,500 off
Enfield, United Kingdom – 2,000 off
Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie, Solingen Germany – 18,500 off




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