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A Thomas Yeudall Sword from The Claymore Armoury in Ayrshire Scotland comes from the hand of a well known and respected Master Swordsmith. Who’s Norse ancestral Line reaches back to the 12th Century Viking settlements of Ulverston in the Lake District.

Descendants of this ancestral line have been living and working in the shire of Ayr since the late 18th Century. By the end of the 20th century The Claymore Armoury (Founded in the late 60’s) had been well established with a reputation for exceptional quality and historical accuracy.

To the modern day collector The Claymore Armoury encapsulates a vivid representation of Scottish medieval and renaissance weaponry from the era of The Isles 1164-1545, and then continuing through the following two centuries to the Final Stand of The Highland Clans at The Battle of Culloden.

Recognised by the Curators of Arms & Armouries in the museums and castles in Scotland. Yeudall Swords are hand forged built and finished. The Armoury has surviving specifications which are retained in its archives and were originally laid down by Clan MacEachern hereditary Swordssmiths to The Lord of The Isles.

In particular the Highland Two Handed Long Sword (claidheamh da laimh) developed and used extensively by Hebridean Gallowglass, and latterly The Basket Hilted Broad and Back Swords 9claidheamh mor) (claidheamh cuil) last seen in the 18th century highlands and in particular at Culloden, they are notably of the Glasgow and Stirling patterns. Both the long swords and the Basket Hilts are classed as exceptional specimens for their balance, correctness of weight and overall craftsmanship.

The main customer base for Yeudall Swords includes National Museums, Castles, Tower Houses, Scottish Knighted and foreign personalities, film actors, private collectors etc. Seven countries have regular commissions exported to them, in some cases a full Armoury of Scottish weaponry has been designed and installed.

The purchaser of a Yeudall Sword can do so confidently and in the knowledge that what has been requested will be historically accurate and a worth while investment.

All Sword blades are hand forged from high quality Swedish blade steel, the iron ore used for this steel is rich in manganese which gives excellent flexibility to the blades, but also retains superior hardening and tempering capabilities. All blades are hardened and tempered to an average of 530 Brinell (54 Rockwell) and are stamped on the ricasso.