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Questions and Answers
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Questions and Answers

What Govern’s the price of a sword?

There are several factors involved:

A: The skill of the swordsmith usually earned after many years of working experience
B: The historical accuracy of the piece being constructed
C: The quality of the finished product this should be instantly recognisable And finally all the direct and indirect expenditure involved in the mechanics of running a business too numerous to mention.

How many swords does the armoury construct in a year ?

Depending on the size and design and the amount of work which goes into the overall construction between 25-35. For example the large flamberge swords of the landsknecht are elaborate and can be so to the extreme. The Wallace sword is a large sword as is the Scottish Lowland two hander at 6 feet 3 inch overall. Therefore the man hours can vary considerably from sword to sword.

How easy is the shipping process for a sword throughout the UK and overseas?

The Claymore Armoury is indebted to D.H.L for their assistance in shipping our swords to destinations within the UK and world wide. The Armoury has its own licence number and all swords are securely crated with insurance as standard practice, to try and take one of the armouries swords on board a flight for example is just not permitted by any customs authority.