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Special Customised Fantasy Swords

Dragon Sword

This sword in particular was a challenge from the onset, not only the stainless steel Dragons head but also the stainless steel wings.

Attention to detail both in the function and ergonomical aspects of the wings had to be upheld.

As is the usual practice the UK or overseas based client submitted rough sketches and sizes from which the finished design was created, once the precision engineering drawings were completed they were posted out for approval. The cost for such a service is, on average, £200 plus postage, on occasion the client may wish to tweak a minor point but on the whole my drawings are usually accepted.

Photograph particulars

Photo No 1 3x3x6” solid stainless first cut
Photo No 2 Main shape – cut out by hand

Photo No 3
Photo No 4 The finished product
Photo No 5

Photo No 6 The dragon wings hand forged showing the tail on the reverse side

Photo No 7 Fully constructed

Photo No 8 Long shots including scabbard
Photo No 9

Blade Type
Overall length
Blade length
Blade width at hilt
Blade width 3” from tip
Blade distal taper
Primary Percussion Point
Secondary Percussion Point
Point of Balance
Sword Weight

In Standard Steel furnishings Price: £2895.00
In Stainless Steel furnishings Price: £3295.00
*Swedish Steel Blade

Wolves (Canis Lupus)

The wolf had roamed mainland Britain for a millennia and more, since before the English Channel had been a land mass, a bridge with Europe. But by the twelfth century AD, sight and sound was no more in the lands of the welsh speaking nation. In England they would survive in dwindling numbers until the beginning of the sixteenth century. In Scotland in the desolate northern Highlands, they found their last bastion of freedom. The Great Forest of Caledonia provided a refuge perfect in every way, silent, eerie, foreboding, where only fools or tried and tested warriors dared to tread that terra firma. This would be their Mons Graupius, but not yet though, not until the beginning of the eighteenth century.

It was through my interest in and to a certain degree, my knowledge and admiration of this beautiful animal, that the sword now known as Wolfen came into being.

Wolfen is a special customised hand and a half sword. The design has been taken from numerous sketches done in the closing months of the twentieth century. From its initial creation to its final completion, it was always destined to be a sword of unique individuality. The two opposing heads are in the stance of full attack, displaying the beauty that is in their ferocity, no castings here! Just not allowed. Hand cut, drilled, filed and finished all from solid steel bar. The two heads at first may look identical, but when examined at some length, it will become clear that they are not. This is craftsmanship. They are approximately 83% less than the life size head of a full grown male alpha wolf.

The blade has a long graceful, fuller and is shoulder ground each side (unique to Yeudall Swords) emerging just below the ricasso and continuing down the blade to compliment the sweep of the sword point. The pommel is finished in such a way as to incorporate an internal area longer than usual to facilitate the seasoned Ayrshire Oak Hilt. As is the usual practice at Claymore Armoury, the tang protrudes though the pommel and is hot piegned over to give a solid tight fitting to the whole assembly.

The blade will reach an arc of deflection of approximately 80 degrees and return to the straight.

The Technical Specifications of this sword Wolfen are:

Overall Length 46.5inches
Blade Length 35 inches
Blade width at Ricasso 2 inches
Blade Width at 3inches from point 1 inch
Distal Taper of Blade .25 - .1
Width of Quillon Bar 10 inches
Point of Blade balance 2.5 inches from Quillon Bar
Weight 3.5 pounds

In Standard Steel furnishings Price: £2895.00
In Stainless Steel furnishings Price: £3295.00
*Swedish Steel Blade

This price will increase with annual inflation, if you have a serious interest in this sword and would like to discuss at some length this interest, please click contact payment & shipping.


According to the Legend of King Arthur there were three separate Ladies of the Lake, the third one being named Ninian, Viviane or Nimue. They were all based on the ancient Celtic Goddess Rhiannon, the first Lady of the Lake. She is depicted here, in this magnificent and breathtaking scene, emerging from the dark waters of the great lake, holding her sword above her.

She will summon Olan her winged messenger, a beautiful Golden Eagle with a vast wingspan to carry her sword to the young Celtic warrior who is waiting by the shore line.His loyalty and courage must be absolute, his task is to vanquish the enemies of his nation with the help of Rhiannon’s sword. She will send Olan to assist him in gathering an army and to watch over him to ensure his victory and safe return to the great lake, where once again Rhiannon will appear and Olan will bring her sword to her and gently place it into her outstretched hand, she pauses for a few seconds to acknowledge the young warriors courage and loyalty before suddenly disappearing beneath the surface leaving only the ripples of water to signify her presence.

The sword of Rhiannon is a special customised hand and half sword, the design which you see in the beautifully choreographed photographs was a long time in coming.

I was trying to achieve a look of fluidity yet believable in its simplicity, the leaf shaped blade is supported on each side of the long fuller by an ancient celtic traditional patterned shoulder ground ridge.
This blade will reach an arc of deflection of approximately 80degrees and return to the straight.

The quillon bar has a slightly futuristic line to it with cross-hatching on the outer faces of the almond shaped terminals, the long langets compliment not only the sweep of the ricasso but the overall look of the quillon bar.

The pommel is simplistic and the long neck supports a droplet of water as its overall feature, the whole assembly incorporates the prismatic Ayrshire oak hilt and the tang of the blade protrudes through the end of the pommel and is hot piegned over to give a tight firm assembly.


The technical specifications of Rhiannon’s sword are:

Overall Length 46”
Blade Length 35”
Blade Width at Ricasso 2 1/8”
Blade Width at 3” from point 1”
Distal Taper of Blade .25 - .1
Width of Quillon Bar 9 1/2”
Point of Blade Balance 2 1/2”
Weight 3.5 pounds
Price: £1995.00

This price will increase with annual inflation, if you have a serious interest in this sword and would like to discuss at some length this interest, please click contact, payment & shipping.