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This is the largest sword of the Scottish Lowlands - the provenance placed on the original by the National Museum of Scotland is 1570 AD.

This sword would have been carried by chosen men to protect the standard and the king in battle. There is also evidence that lowland soldiers of fortune carried such swords when involved in mercenary service to the nobility of Europe.

Carried over the shoulder enclosed in a scabbard or wrapped in an oily rag was the only way to carry such a large weapon.

Blade Type: Flat Hexagon to Lenticular 1 Fuller 24"
Overall length: 75"
Blade length: 53"
Blade width at hilt: 2"
Blade width 3” from tip: 1 1/2"
Blade distal taper: 11/32" to 5/32"
Primary Percussion Point: 1/4 from end of blade
Secondary Percussion Point: Just inside the hilt area
Point of Balance: 4"
Sword Weight: 9LBS



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