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Patination is a process which in this case is used to accelerate the oxidation of iron and steel.

No dangerous chemicals are used to achieve the different grades required, only time and the use of natural 5.5 PH soil with the addition of water applied at regular intervals.

The patination box is allowed to dry out before the next batch of water is added, this allows the sword which is buried in the soil to dry out, and thus the oxidation of the iron or steel parts takes place.

Depending on the depth of patination a grade system of 1-3 is employed; the most common grade asked for is grade one, this is sufficient to show a good representation of a weathered surface. 

Prices are given below under section E Patination of Armouries Weaponry.

GRADE 1 As Photographed £250

GRADE 2 £300

GRADE 3 £350



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