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Robert The Bruce Battle Axe
Robert The Bruce Battle Axe
Robert The Bruce Battle Axe

Robert The Bruce Battle Axe

The Bruce Battle axe is undoubtedly the most famous in Scottish History.

Its unique pedigree comes from an amalgamation of forms taken from the Celtic, Gaelic and Norse war axe.

As can be seen from the photographic display it has a distinct profile which the Bruce would no doubt have exercised his knowledge of exactly what he required in size, weight and geometric shape.

On the first day of Bannockburn, 1314, his courage and skill with the battle axe was put to the test.

As the English Knight Henry De Bohun made a ferocious charge at the Bruce with his lance King Robert sat patiently on his horse and just at the right moment he manoeuvred to one side and delivered a powerful blow at De Bohuns head.

The English Knight fell dispatched from this life by what De Bohun had considered to be one easy target.

The Bruce remarked afterwards that his only concern was that the shaft of his good axe had been shattered, such was the force of its delivery.

  • 24" Long overall
  • 9" long axe blade
  • 8" wide axe blade
  • Weight 2 3/4 LBS


Robert The Bruce Battle Axe




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